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Hi John,
Just received my Spitfire Six today. It’s been a long wait as I ordered it in November 2018. Not withstanding Covid etc and issues around frame corrosion before previous scheduled delivery I am delighted with the way it looks. I am sure Ben, Steve and Paul must have dreaded being told that I was on the phone again chasing my order but we got there in the end so many thanks to all of them. I haven’t ridden it yet and that is on my list for tomorrow but if it goes as well as it looks I shall be very happy. I’ve been riding for over 53 years so not exactly in the first flush of youth but really excited about the addition of the Six to my garage. We have some great roads around where I live so I’m hoping to get out as much as possible before the bad weather sets in, the other bikes might just have to take a back seat for the moment.