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    Welcome to the CCM forum.

    I’m John and I’ve been riding since I was young, finally passing my test in 1988. I don’t get to ride as much as I’d like but working at CCM I get the chance to test the bikes before they go into full production.

    The Bobber was the bike that surprised me the most with it’s relaxed riding position and the ability to put a big grin on your face when the mood takes you.

    Favourite riding routes
    – from near to Bolton then up the A65 to Settle, Ribblehead viaduct, Hawes and back via Wharfedale (Calendar Girls country)
    – Anywhere in the NW Highlands
    – The Lake District high passes

    Looking forward to hearing from you all.


    I’m Rick,
    I’ve been riding since I was 16 (yes, I am THAT old) and was 21 before I got a car so have ridden through fog, ice, snow, with the bike as my only transport.

    These days a bike is just for fun and sunny days and the Bobber suits that perfectly.


    Gavin here – passed my test in 1979 at the ripe old age of 17 and rode until I passed the car test in 1983 didn’t get another bike until 2004 (did ride my brothers from time to time – thanks Gary lol) which was a new Honda CBR600RR loved it and had every accessory there was and a few that were bespoke – didn’t think I would want another bike until my brother bought the Flat tracker and when the stealth six was introduced I was hooked – ordered in Nov 19 and paid in full Dec 19 that’s how keen I am – had build date of 6th April so hopefully once the factory and VOSA get up and running it won’t be too long – fingers crossed- anyway stay safe every one and enjoy yourselves once restrictions are lifted.


    Hi all , I packed in riding 5 years ago due to becoming bored with it all. Sold my ( 2nd ) speed triple and p exed it and my car for a BMW and I thought that was that – no more bikes ….. then I saw a pic of the CCM6 and I knew I was in trouble again ! Been waiting for over a year for it now and was so close to getting my grubby paws on it then then sh*t hit the fan – COVID 19 , DAMN you ! So here I am still waiting, hopefully for not too much longer.


    Hi John, I’m new here to the forum but not to being a ccm owner I currently have a 2016 gp450 supermoto as well as a ft35s. I have had the go since new in 2016 and it has the power pack. I live in Hertfordshire near bishops stortford.

    I like to ride up to Sudbury to the adventure bike shop and to bury st Edmunds to krazy horse,we have a nice local bike shop called bikestop in Stevenage which is a lovely ride to get to through the twisties to Baldock.



    Hi all, Pete here, I have been riding bikes on and off (mainly on!) since I bought my first bike, a FS1E back in 1979 brand new for the sum of £205, from Elite motors in Tooting, south London. I am currently a eagerly awaiting the delivery of my Bobber, which will join my 3 existing Vespa scooters, over the years I have owned more bikes than I can remember. Looking forward to meeting some CCM owners in the coming months once we get back to some normality, Cheers Pete


    Welcome everyone. Its really good to see you joining the Club and hear of your biking histories. John


    Hi John, I am riding bikes for ages now (40 years) and beside my CCM I do enjoy my old Suzuki Katana 750 (with bored 1100ccm engine and some other modifications) and my both Harris Suzukis (Magnum 2 and Magnum 4). I am located in Munich / Bavaria so the Alps are not too far away for some nice pass roads.
    Really hope that CCM get it managed to provide a bike for the continent. Looking forward to get my CCM cafe racer into good hands.
    What worries me a little with the bobber is the fixed riding position due to the seat itself. Personally I prefer the possibility to move on the seat unit which allows me more active riding. I am an addict to sportive bikes … and think I get to old to change that … 😉


    I understand what you are saying however the Bobber is so light that its easy to transfer your weight without moving around in your seat. Its a very comfortable place top be and, importantly with this style of bike, looks are everything.


    Hi, Sean here in Wiltshire, Scrambler owner…great bike so far but a little concerned about reports of rusty frames that are being replaced…I need to have a good look over the frame for any signs of rust appearing but any pointers as to where it may start if there are common problems areas, greatly appreciated…thanks


    Welcome Sean
    This issue is not model wide and is mostly purely cosmetic with a slight vein-like appearance.
    There is no specific location to look at however please do let us know if you find something that concerns you.


    Long term biker, also in East Yorkshire, I have had lots of bikes from a Suzuki ER50 at 16 years of age (80cc big bore kit) to a Harley Davidson Pro Street Breakout at 52, with numerous Jap sports bikes and a Triumph Thruxton R in between, this is my second CCM experience, the most recent is my FT6 and I love it, it’s raw as hell, the seat is too raw, going to have to modify it, gel insert possibly, fancy the stage 1 tune, just waiting for my first service in a few weeks


    Hello all,

    Great to have found this forum. I have my heart set on a GP450. Ive seen few on auto trader with 6000-10000 miles on the clock. I haven’t actually seen one in the flesh but am keen to get one soon. Does anyone have any advice or warnings of what to consider before buying.

    Where can i get one serviced?
    Where can i find accessories?
    Will most bike garaged be able to do jobs such as adjusting the seat height and derestricting the engine. I read somewhere that it comes at 40hp standard but can be changed to 50hp.

    Thanks and any advice would be very helpful.


    Hello all, I bought a 3 month old Flat Tracker with the grand total of 80 miles on it. I just love so many things about it, looks, it’s British, the rawness, the sound, the build, and most of all the ability to put a smile on my face. I’m quite spoilt in that I work for a BMW bike dealer and get to use any bike for the ride to and from work and I also have an H2 in the garage. Nothing puts a smile on my face like the Spitfire. Superb effort CCM, thanks for building my dream bike.


    Praise indeed Jutster! Thank you for the kind words and welcome to the forum!

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