Warranty Information

What to do if you need a Warranty Repair

Should you experience or suspect a problem with your motorcycle during the warranty period, it must be taken immediately to an authorised CCM Dealer for the problem to be investigated.  It is important that you describe your problem thoroughly and in detail.

All claims under Warranty must be submitted through an authorised dealer.

Only when you present this warranty booklet will the dealer be able to advise you on rectification options.

What isn’t included;

  • Causes of noise or vibration that are within reasonable limits and do not affect the normal riding of the vehicle.
  • Costs of normal servicing and normal service related items such as, but not limited to; oil, oil filters, topping up of lubricants, special fluids and various consumable materials, unless they are specifically linked to the warranty repair.
  • Defects caused by the use of spare parts or accessories not produced and/or supplied by CCM Motorcycles.
  • Items subject to wear and tear such as, but not limited to; friction linings (clutch and brake) cables, fuses, bulbs, spark plugs, tyres, handlebar grips, chain and sprockets etc.
  • Cost of recovery or transportation of the motorcycle to or from the authorised CCM Dealer, nor expenses incurred while the motorcycle is off the road for warranty repairs, or any other consequential loss. If you wish to eliminate the possibility of having to pay for this, your dealer will be able to advise you of the various breakdown recovery schemes that are available.
  • The warranty does not cover the cost of regular interval servicing of the motorcycle; therefore, all such services must be paid for.

The warranty may be invalidated if your motorcycle;

  1. Is ever used on a commercial basis.
  2. Has been neglected, mistreated or modified in its construction, function and/or aesthetics.
  3. Has been misused. Mis-use includes, but is not limited to competition use, track day use.
  4. Has been repaired, modified or dismantled, even if only partially, without authorisation from CCM Motorcycles, or other than by CCM Motorcycles or an official CCM Dealer.
  5. Has had the motorcycle’s frame or engine number (stamped into the metal), altered or defaced.
  6. Has ever had a power plug installed.
  7. Has been improperly repaired (this includes fitment of non-genuine or “pattern” parts).
  8. Has been altered from standard specification in a manner which affects the performance, durability or safety of the motorcycle or any of its component parts.
  9. Has not had the correct periodic maintenance and servicing carried out at the correct intervals. Note that recommended service intervals are for normal use, excessive or heavy use will require additional servicing. (Evidence of this servicing must be produced, if requested, at the time of any warranty claim.
  10. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the service record book is kept up to date by the servicing dealer.  It is advisable to also keep copies of any service or repair invoices in case the record is lost.)
  • Have your motorcycle serviced by an Authorised CCM Dealer, or appointed agent, according to the schedule shown in your warranty booklet.
  • In fact, having your motorcycle serviced regularly will also keep it at the peak of its performance, as well as enabling your Dealer to detect any early signs of faults and rectify them, before they cause you a problem.
  • Present your warranty booklet to the dealer whenever they service your motorcycle so that they can stamp the relevant Service History page.
  • Present your warranty booklet to your Authorised CCM Dealer when requesting a warranty repair
  1. Develops an issue that is not notified to a CCM Dealer within 7 days.  The owner should take all possible steps to prevent further damage as soon as any problem is apparent.
  2. In CCM’s opinion, components damaged by the effects of corrosion were so damaged due to the machine not being adequately maintained or cleaned on a regular basis.
  3. Is exposed to chemical attack by ice clearing agents, cleaning fluids and other corrosive elements.
  4. Is inadequately or incorrectly (including the use of non-approved fluids or lubrication) fuelled, lubricated, cleaned or maintained.

Additional T&C’s

  1. Internal corrosion/deformation of exhaust silencers is excluded from warranty. Exhaust silencers are warranted for 12 months only.
  2. Deterioration of painted, chromed, polished & fabric surfaces caused by incorrect maintenance, normal wear and tear or exposure is excluded from warranty.
  3. The battery is warranted for 6 months only.
  4. This warranty shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and any question arising from this warranty shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

All details correct at time publication.

CCM Motorcycles reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.