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    Hi All you CCM riders,
    Hope you are enjoying getting the rides out in this glorious weather with flies on your teeth.
    I received my wonderful FT in March, shining ‘like a diamond in a goats a**e’. Thought I would never buy another bike.
    However it is too tall for my stature and after just less than 100 miles I am having to sell it. I am gutted having loaded it with lots of carbon and billet goodies it has become a delightful yet expensive garage piece of art.
    If anyone is interested in to then drop me a line or call me on 07443531972.
    I have managed to get myself a Stealth Bobber and since buying it have added the extra front disc and other extras to bring it up to the FT’s looks. Really miss the throb of the FT’s under seat Titanium exhaust.
    On another point that the Bobber was recently serviced which part of it was changing the side stand which has made a real difference and cock’s it over that extra bit to make you feel comfortable, still not keen on the ‘suicide’ style. When Ben was here he also mentioned that the ‘rubber straps’ that hold the battery cover have started cracking / perishing on some bikes and are due to be changed / sent out to owners. Does anyone know when ?
    Happy riding All


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