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    Bobber Stealth owner based near Nantwich, saw the Bike at its launch at the NEC and decided to treat myself . My first new bike in a very , very long time. Glass half full – I was lucky enough to get mine delivered just before lockdown and managed to put 150 miles on her beforehand in 2 days . Glass half empty – I was unlucky enough to get mine delivered Just before lockdown and it sat in the garage for weeks on end unable to use it 🙁
    Made a few improvements to her during lockdown. Mainly paint protection film to parts of the frame including a Lizardskin protector to the most vulnerable from cross member underneath.

    I did go for a cheeky VE Day ride to the shops . I mean it’s called a Spitfire so it wouldn’t have been right not to 😉
    I’ve since put another 340 miles on her in the past 2 weeks.


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