Reply To: Reach to the Handlebars


Hi Martin,
I’m also finding the Maverick handlebars too far away! Not comfortable on a long ride. I’ve fitted bar risers and moved the bars forward but it’s just not enough.
Some other forum member suggested using the Flat Tracker FT6 handle bars. CCM spares say they should be in stock in the New Year 2023.

CCM Spares also commented on the use of bar risers: “We must inform you that the use of bar risers isn’t approved with the standard use throttle cable. Design/Engineering identified a possible serious problem with the throttle cable snagging under tension with a higher than standard bar setup which can lead to the throttle opening at full lock – not desirable at all! Please bear in mind to that unapproved modifications invalidate the bike warranty.”

They did say CCM were bringing out their own handlebar conversion kits “soon”.

I hope that’s normal ‘soon’ rather than CCM ‘soon’!

Was moving the bar clamp post position enough for you?

Regards Tim