Reply To: The Finishing Team ?


Hi Neil,
CCM don’t do themselves any favours do they ? I certainly agree with you with regards to the foresight of knowing about how they treat their customers after they have the money. The lack of communication is inexcusable.
As I mentioned earlier, I was told 2 weeks ago that my bike would be worked on by the finishing team on monday 4th july, 4 weeks after it had first been passed to them. Well one further week on, still nothing. It’s infuriating, as even though the bikes are unique, in the time waiting I could have bought a brand new bike from a multitude of manufacturers and had cash left over !
With regards to cancelling, you should check out the contract. I am not sure you can now, as there is stuff in there about not guaranteeing dates ? If you do go down that route and find elsewise, I would be interested in knowing the outcome.
Interesting that you ordered a Stealth. Have you checked out another post in this forum, ‘Delivery Issues and Contracts’, posted by DavidGS. In it he mentions that they have run out of stealth wheels and were going to [part refund and give him ‘lesser’ wheel specifications. This is after he had paid up in full also. I am starting to wonder if all the delays are due to parts. If that is the case then they should have spoken to the customers rather than taking their money.
I am hoping that everything will kick on this week and we can all be contacted with our completed bike dates. I can but dream …