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    Hi All,
    Don’t mean to have a moan but I am getting a little frustrated with CCM. I was told that my bike (Six) had been built and MSVA certified and was in the Finishing Team queue over 3 weeks ago. When chasing a week ago for an update I was told that it was still in the finishing team queue.
    Has anyone had any experience of what is done in the Finishing team and how long it has taken ?
    I have been given no actual dates yet, which is frustrating in itself as I need to arrange with a company to pick up, and their lead times are a couple of weeks at the moment. I could really do with being able to give them a lead time.
    CCM don’t do themselves any favours with their poor customer service relations. I have seen many posts and have had conversations with people on this forum who have either cancelled orders or have thought about it based on lack of feedback.
    Still waiting in vain,


    If that bad , wait until you have the bike, been chasing up on issues on mine since last year, see my other post


    Hi JM,
    Yes, I have seen your post.
    It’s pretty poor isn’t it.
    I’m starting to wonder if I have made a mistake. I went for CCM for the individuality when I could have got a new bike that is a lot cheaper. I’m praying that they contact me about completion this week and that I don’t get any issues like you are experiencing.

    martin G10

    Hi, Bob
    The finishing team fit any non standard parts you’ve specified for your bike after the MSVA , the only good thing about a delay at this point is your registration process can go ahead after the MSVA.
    some things have changed in 2years (hanger 4 now handles servicing ect.) , I’ve added a pic of my Six stuck outside the finishing department for a few weeks, Aug 2020
    regards martin

    martin G10

    I had to trim the pic to less than 4mb,

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    Still waiting 🙁
    After contacting CCM again last week, I was told the middle of last week that my bike is expected to be worked on on Monday (4th).
    Not much to do on it.
    Well, still nothing. No contact, update for any delays etc. I know it is literally only days away , hopefully, but where the f### is it ! No wonder people have cancelled in the past, the wait and communication is unbearable, especially with all the decent weather riding I am missing.
    Feeling very pissed off.


    I have also been waiting ,an have a stealth six on order since February was told bike ready for end of may then June an we are now in mid July it’s sat in finishing for many weeks getting really pi**ed off with lack of communication an it’s seems they couldn’t give a hoot they have my money an I have nothing , not even a delivery date I’m on the verge of cancellation an getting a triumph if they don’t ring today I think that’s what I will be doing , if they carry on treating customers this badly Ccm will cease to exist ,no-one bothers to ring if I knew what I know I would have definitely not ordered one , I can’t but feel that once I have a bike that the after sale service will also be a shambles so I regret getting involved with Ccm


    Hi Neil,
    CCM don’t do themselves any favours do they ? I certainly agree with you with regards to the foresight of knowing about how they treat their customers after they have the money. The lack of communication is inexcusable.
    As I mentioned earlier, I was told 2 weeks ago that my bike would be worked on by the finishing team on monday 4th july, 4 weeks after it had first been passed to them. Well one further week on, still nothing. It’s infuriating, as even though the bikes are unique, in the time waiting I could have bought a brand new bike from a multitude of manufacturers and had cash left over !
    With regards to cancelling, you should check out the contract. I am not sure you can now, as there is stuff in there about not guaranteeing dates ? If you do go down that route and find elsewise, I would be interested in knowing the outcome.
    Interesting that you ordered a Stealth. Have you checked out another post in this forum, ‘Delivery Issues and Contracts’, posted by DavidGS. In it he mentions that they have run out of stealth wheels and were going to [part refund and give him ‘lesser’ wheel specifications. This is after he had paid up in full also. I am starting to wonder if all the delays are due to parts. If that is the case then they should have spoken to the customers rather than taking their money.
    I am hoping that everything will kick on this week and we can all be contacted with our completed bike dates. I can but dream …

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