Yesterday we learned of the passing of our friend and supporter of the RAFBF100 project, Allan Scott.

We first met Allan when he offered his support in raising £100,000 for the RAF Benevolent Fund through the sales of the RAFBF100 Spitfire.

Allan, aged 99, was one of the last surviving Spitfire pilots from the Second World War, and the last surviving Spitfire Ace from the Siege of Malta. Remarkably, Allan survived without taking a single bullet in any plane he flew, yet ironically, he was seriously injured after performing an aerial display in a Tiger Moth biplane in Edinburgh in 1953. The stresses of the aerobatics snapped the tailfin and the plane went into a dive, crashing into the golf course close by the RAF base.

Flying Spitfires gave Allan a taste for speed and he could be seen flying up the country lanes of Shropshire on his motorbike back in the day. When he saw the CCM RAFBF Spitfire for the first time he said that he wished he was young again and had the chance to ride this beautiful machine. Allan remarked that it sounded like a merlin flying past!

Allan was a true gentleman and will be greatly missed by all who knew him and our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.