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martin G10martin G10

I’d say suspension settings, the standard suspension is a bit over sprung to cope with heavier riders and with the low weight of the bike it tends to kick off bumps, as you said ! I took my six to Maxton Engineering with 300mls on it to have it improved, it now has SD25 fork cartridges (I could have chosen a revalving and new springs) and RT10 rear shock absorber, It’s better with softer springs (midcorner I tried, on/off the throttle, running over white lines then cats eyes, it’s very good, I’ve also raised the rear ride height 12mm) but still doesn’t have the the unsprung mass, less unsprung weight to work against is the next step, lighter tyres is the cheapest option (19″ road tyres are around 2kg lighter than flat track) lighter wheels are expensive. I’ve swopped my rear mitas for a 130 to improve the profile on the 3″rim and building a set of 19″ wheels using 19×3 KTM tubeless rims (they use a gasket to seal the spokes), bulldog stainless spokes and CCM hubs, it’s a work in progress, the Spitfire frame, swingarm and geometry are fantastic , all a matter of my own opinion.
regards martin