Exciting times this month ahead of the NEC Motorcycle Live Show, as CCM launch their new customer magazine appropriately named “Squadron”.

In the last 12 months CCM has grown at such a rapid rate, that simply responding to customer enquiries has started to become a daily challenge for the sales team and as a scaling business, It was down to the company to find a solution.

When they sales team dug into the data, they quickly found a pattern in the types of questions being asked and devised a plan on how best to answer the most commonly asked regularly and clearly.

After seeing other manufacturers dealing with similar issues through their monthly magazine, CCM decided to adopt the idea and the idea was born. The Squadron Magazine will be a monthly update that will go out to all customers and share knowledge and improve communication.

CCM have also added the magazine to their website in ‘Explore CCM’ to allow anyone who is interested in purchasing from CCM the opportunity to see what is happening inside CCM HQ prior to ordering a bike.

The business hopes this new tool will improve information sharing with a wider audience making communication more fluent and simpler, alongside providing greater value to customers and increasing the levels of service.

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