September 16th, 2022 by

Mark had a special treat on this his birthday as the route took in the awesome Stelvio Pass between Italy and Switzerland, famous for the Italian job movie and possibly one of the most insane roads on the planet.

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September 15th, 2022 by

Mark had his first real taste of the continental roads and the first of many passes, as the Malle Mountain Rally crossed into Italy.

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A Maverick in the Mountains – Day Zero

September 14th, 2022 by

Friend of CCM, Mark Goulding set off on his latest adventure, The Malle Mountain Rally, accompanied by the trusty Maverick Infinite.

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Heritage ’71 hits the road

August 8th, 2022 by

Watch the latest short film showing the new titanium- chassis Heritage ’71, Maverick Infinite, Street Moto and the new Classic Tracker enjoying the sinuous lanes of the Pennine hills.

Riding the extremely rare and highly valuable Heritage machine, John Drogan said “I was incredibly nervous when I set off down the road, almost too aware of the importance of this incredible bike. We were riding in a pack of four bikes, very close together with stiff winds on the open moorland roads. To get the desired shots, we each had to ride very close alongside the camera vehicle, however the bike’s manners were impeccable, holding the desired line with ease, responding well to slight throttle inputs, changing direction as if by thought…. and thankfully it stops without drama too!

The bike sounds amazing through the stunning hand-welded titanium pipes, and was easily as flickable as the Street Moto with its 2″ smaller rims, the stunning 19″ lightweight Dymag alloy wheels countering any gyroscopic effect of the larger wheels & tyres.

Of course, for the sake of continuity, I had to hang on to the keys for this one for the whole day….”

Tales from the Road: The Malle Rally

June 20th, 2022 by

Mark arrived at CCM Towers last week to collect our shiny Maverick prototype. After seeing one of our bikes on last year’s Malle Rally, his curiosity was pricked and an order was placed for a Street Tracker which he hoped would arrive in time for his ride.

Whilst production hadn’t begun in time for the big ride, CCM stepped in and offered Mark the loan of one of our Maverick demo bikes, a perfect machine for taking on the length of Britain via proper biking back roads.

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Dougie’s day out for Two Wheels For Life

September 24th, 2021 by

CCM ambassador and all-round good guy Dougie Lampkin, was on hand to give altruistic biker, Graeme Whiting, a grand day out.

Graeme very generously bid on the special prize at the recent Malle Mile event with proceeds going to biking charity Two Wheels For Life who provide bikes to enable medics in remote areas of Africa to reach those in need.

Following a tour of the factory, Dougie and Graeme hit the road on a pair of CCM Mavericks to enjoy the autumnal sunshine across the Pennines to Hebden Bridge.

See how they got along here:




Here Come The Girls!

August 24th, 2021 by

CCM Blackout customer, Annette Norman had a dilemma. She’d booked onto the MotoLegends Ladies Ride which took the group of all female bikers from their headquarters near Guildford, across Salisbury Plain to the Roth Bar & Grill at the Hauser & Wirth Gallery in Bruton, Somerset.

With all of the issues surrounding shipping of components in from Europe, Annette’s Blackout was delayed and wouldn’t arrive in time. With a gap between promotional events such as The Festival of Speed and the MCN Festival, we were able to lend our Maverick test bike to Annette to enable her to take part.

Annette was able to assess the bike ahead of her Blackout’s arrival to make sure a) it fitted her and b) it fitted her camper van….

The great news was that it worked on both counts, the bike being so light and easy to move around which also allowed her to transport the bike from her home in the midlands to Surrey on a rack on the back of the van – perfect! This was something that she wasn’t able to do with her outgoing Triumph.

Annette said of her time on the Maverick “I found it really easy to ride, it gripped corners so well, easy gear changes, easy to steer, great power, this bike loves the twisties, a great all rounder….

it was comfortable, good seat height, being 5ft 5, I had no issues with confidently reaching the ground, unlike other bikes. Had lots of ladies come over to look and ask about it, showing serious interest…..No matter where I went, it pulled a crowd…you’ll never be alone, someone always wants to chat to you about the CCM ”