Henry Cole

Get your biking fix on the box!

November 11th, 2020 by

Motorcycling is poorly represented on the TV these days, so we are really happy to report that Henry Cole is back tonight with his new series of “The Motorbike Show” on ITV4.

Henry fell in love with The original Spitfire when he spotted it at The Bike Shed a couple of years ago and made the journey to Bolton to learn more about this northern family firm of bike builders.

He took the Spitfire prototype out to review for the series and he enjoyed it so much that he bought (with his own money!) the newly released Spitfire FT6!

The show like most things, had been delayed due to COVID, however timing was rather serendipitous for us  as the Spitfire Blackout had just been released as Henry was finalising the series.

The show starts tonight, Wednesday 11 November @ 21:00 on ITV4 and CCM’s Blackout is scheduled to appear in a few weeks time.