September 1st 2021, and the government has begin introducing E10 fuel as the standard unleaded fuel on UK forecourts.

What is E10 fuel?

E10 means petrol contains up to 10% renewable ethanol. To date, petrol in the UK has contained up to 5% renewable ethanol (known as E5). It will be introduced in the UK from September 2021.

E10 petrol is already widely used around the world, including across Europe, the US and Australia.

Why is fuel changing?

The government states that by switching to E10 fuel,– an eco-friendly blend of petrol and ethanol  – could cut transport CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year

Can my CCM Motorcycle use E10 fuel?

Whilst we don’t anticipate any fuelling issues, until our test programme is complete, we cannot 100% guarantee this currently.

We will be running some longer-term tests (mileage accumulation) over the next 12 months, to monitor and assess complete powertrain suitability and engine performance.

You will still be able to use E5 fuel by purchasing the ‘Super’ grade petrol available from most filling stations and petrol pumps will be clearly labelled as either E10 or E5.

CCM advises that all customers continue to fuel and operate their CCM motorcycles with “Super Unleaded” E5 fuels, until further notification from the factory.