Journey South

Picked up new CCM GP 450 in Canmore April 7th 2017 then on 23rd August started riding South. An excellent bike, that lived up to my expectations. After 12 months started to have starting problems and going through spark plugs every 7 to 10 days. Added jet clean to fuel that seemed to help. Bike cut out often on the fly, was able to restart it most of the time without stopping. The problem was never sorted properly and I didnt want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. I ended the trip after 14 months and 31,00kms. I flew the bike home, (winter time) In March 2018 took the bike to local dealer, many parts replaced, too many hours trying to figure out the problem. After 14 months the bike is still in the garage. Hopefully soon. No one here really understands the bike, this is why I would not buy another CCM living in Canada. Next year I plan to ride the UK and Irish coast lines, will buy a 2nd hand bike once there.