When was the last CCM motorcycle built.

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    That sucks mate, sorry to hear that. The bikes are awesome when you get them!
    When did you order it?


    I am now curious about the cancellations. Question for the couple of people in this thread who have cancelled recently :
    How do CCM react ? Do they give an explanation as to why they haven’t been able to deliver within reasonable dates ?
    Did you guys get a full refund ?


    Good afternoon everyone.

    It’s always sad to see our customers get to the point where they throw the towel in and cancel their order.

    We are in the business of building motorcycles that bring pleasure so it’s most certainly not our intention to create such a bad depth of feeling.

    Richard’s feedback is very useful and I will ensure that this is fed back to those responsible for communicating with you, the customer. We do have issues getting hold of parts due to the various hurdles affecting businesses right now, however poor communication is unacceptable and we need to improve this.

    We are still a relatively small business and we build bikes in set production runs by model type e.g We’ve just finished Blackout and started the latest batch of Bobbers, however if either of these gets delayed, it will impact the subsequent model runs.

    We are aiming to get to the position where we can build a number of Stock bikes so that we will have bikes available for delivery within a short space of time.

    For those who have gone through some pain awaiting bikes, please accept ,my sincerest apologies and if we lost you this time, I hope we can welcome you back in the future.


    Thanks John. Always try and be as constructive as I can be with feedback!

    Even that little bit of info about how you build the bikes “we build bikes in set production runs by model type e.g We’ve just finished Blackout and started the latest batch of Bobbers, however if either of these gets delayed, it will impact the subsequent model runs.” would have been great to know at the outset of the journey as it paints a picture of how its all going to work and when things go wrong we have a better chance of understanding why 👍

    Couple of hundred miles on my bobber now and big smiles 😊


    Cheers Richard.

    I’ve passed the comments to the sales team as ultimately all comms emanate from them.

    Enjoy the Bobber and roll on some warmer weather!


    I had to cancel may order that I was told would be built in Jan, VOSA check in Feb and delivered in March. March came but no bike. Now I am having to start legal actions to get my deposit back! Very dissatisfied! What a shit company.


    Hi Raw. We’re really sorry to hear this. We are so frustrated by the impact of supply chain delays on production and we totally understand how this affects our customers. We hope that once we see some form of normality returning to manufacturing, that we might be able to look after you once again.

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    Good story Mr Nelson, I can probably better that lol. I fell in love with the Foggy S at Motorcycle Live NEC November 2019. Only went the show to check out the new 765 Streetriple as a likely 2nd bike contender and put down my deposit on the Foggy with a due date build about mid-summer 2020. Then Covid hit the fan in March. Oh crap end of days springs to mind. Long story short the CCM folk came back to factory after shut down and resumed where they had left off. Mid production of the Six model I believe about same time the Foggys should have been started. I stayed in touch with Billy Clews and he kept me informed (thanks Bill) as to the big picture. I finally heard that production/building had started on Foggy”s about October 2020. It was a close run thing but it looked possible I”d get my new baby for Xmas,didn”t happen. Roll on 2021 and 2nd week of Jan a spanking Foggy S is delivered to my door by a top bloke called Paul. Worth the wait? Course it was. Its a diamond of a bike to look at and probably appreciated in value once it was registered instead of going in the opposite direction if it was a 765. Such a shame some people are having a lesser experience but my journey has been as unique as the next CCM owners and like everything else life has tossed up(Covid especially)ya have to take it as it comes. I am now Mr 3 bikes lol. I bought a KTM Superduke mid 2020 on a ridiculous PCP deal from Fowlers Bristol so mixing that up with my Panigale and now the CCM i”ve only just covered 600 miles on the Foggy but they”ve all been enjoyable and only came on here tonight to book my first service and started reading couple of stories and felt I had to have a waffle lol. Keep it the right way up lads and I hope you get miles of fun from one of these little gems.


    Hi ccmyfogg. Thanks for adding a little balance and so glad you’re enjoying your Foggy S. It’s so different to your Ducati and Duke power wise so it would be good to hear what are the things you love about it. We always get negative comments from the Top Trumps brigade on Facebook bemoaning the lack of horsepower, so understanding your perspective from someone who has more than enough horses in your other bikes would be great.

    David GS

    As most people that place deposits do not seem to get updates on their delivery I’d just like to ask what is currently being built. As I’m waiting for a Spitfire Six Stealth I’m hoping that it won’t be too much longer.


    Hi David,
    I last spoke to CCM about 3 to 4 weeks ago when I was chasing up my Six. I was told they were just completing the bobbers as they had a delay on the engines from Italy, and that they would hope to be starting the Sixs about mid to late April. The build should normally take about 3 weeks.
    I haven’t heard anything since so hope that they are able to stick to those timescales as I really need it !
    Mind you, reading up on stuff it says they normally require payment 3 weeks before assembly and no one has requested any further payments yet.
    It would be nice to get some firmer info with actual dates.


    Hi John your right in what you say I”ve had a good diet of big horse power bikes over the last 15 years and getting on my Foggy S is a totally different ball game and it sure comes from the lack of weight. You need to change every way you”ve learnt to ride to get the best out of them and i”m still learning. I can”t wait to get some bigger all day rideouts on it this summer. I”m convinced it will improve my riding because all the modern hi tech safety features fitted on bikes today are missing on the CCM and that”s gonna keep me thinking. . It”s hard to explain but reminds me so much of the first time I rode a motorcycle on the road (Honda CB200) lol and being blown away and thinking I got to get rid of my pushbike and get a motorcycle. Weird. But yeah man the recalibration process is still on going, the effect this little machine has had on me needs to be experienced first hand. Big power not needed. This is just pure and refreshing. 🙂


    That’s great to hear and I share that feeling of the Spitfires taking me back to my first experiences of motorcycling. Pure, simple freedom.


    Can I ask when Mavericks are due to be produced? I ordered mine in August last year.
    Like most customers have commented already I understand delays happen. I would just like to be keep informed of progress – or lack of! Ha ha!


    Hi Tim,
    I think your best approach would be to email the salesperson that you dealt with and copy John Drogan in as well (Hohn.Drogan@ccm-motorcycles.net).
    I had to chase for my Six, and as you have probably seen from the forums they need continual chasing for information. They are not very proactive in communicating, unfortunately.
    My understanding is that they are just(or have just) finishing the final Six model builds, but after chasing I know that my one has been built and passed MSVA certification, but is now in a queue with their ‘finishing’ team before being passed to logistics to arrange collection with me. It’s been with the ‘Finishing Team’ for 3 weeks now ! I am still waiting !
    It might well be that the Mavericks are the next model build after the Six, the Bobbers were the model before.
    You will need to mail them direct and keep pushing.
    Best of luck,

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