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    Has anyone actually had a bike built in the last six months.i hear about some people waiting over 12 months for a build.i put a deposit down in early September for early December build which has now gone to Jan 31st build.im not confident that will happen either.it would be nice to know when the last owner got one and how long the wait was.ccm seem to do alot of advertising and marketing but not much actual building of bikes.


    I put a deposit down last month for a build date in December. I never really heard much back from them after I put the deposit down. I don’t think the bike build will start in December anymore. Tbh I am not really that bothered, it comes when it comes and it’s all part of the process of buying a very limited run hand built bike. The excitement will get more and more as the months roll on!


    The more people just sit back and take the crap the more it happens.i will always voice my opinion when I think I’m having my pants pulled down.as I was paying my deposit in September I was told ‘the bike will be under your tree for Xmas”I reckon I should have asked “what year”.I’ve dealt with triumph motorcycles for years and currently ride the new speed triple 1200 rs.now that’s a proper bike and a fantastic dealership.The CCM is for my wife and she’s ok with waiting so it is what it is I suppose.

    Gav Astill

    I ordered a Bobber Stealth last week at Motorcycle Live, was told by Billy Clews “March or April”.


    Exactly.”march or April”.what kind of info is that.dont be surprised if it doesn’t happen and you have to chase them.


    I´m on the Continent, waiting for the new bikes to be homologized. When and if I´m lucky, I expect and hope a new titanium Six will be my last bike. I can then keep my 644DS as a reserve. I´d never expect CCM to provide maintenance and service like any of the large manufacturers. But they´d never be able to provide the satisfaction and pleasure I´ve had from owning a CCM.

    derek s

    In June of 2020 my Spitfire Blackout was delivered to France so yes they do deliver and overseas.

    The bike did arrive though with some missing parts as I had ordered the Hero kit and the build did not come complete. CCM have since rectified this as the spare parts Manager Sharif has since delivered all of the parts and I have to be very honest the man is a star and has been very helpful. I have had nothing but good after sales service and put this down to a simple order error.

    Be patient once you finally get one you will not be disappointed they are great bikes look amazing ride amazing and a very good investment as convinced if I ever had to sell it there would be a lot of people that would buy it!


    I ordered a Maverick at the Motorcycle Live show on 7th December and was told by Billy the build slot was May/June 2022. So, you guys above with who ordered at the same time and earlier build slots are lucky. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it comes on time, although from what I’m hearing this might be wishful thinking.

    The wait is painful, however I know I’ll be happy when it arrives.


    So the January 31st build never happened and no contact was made to give me an update.ive had to send a few emails to get a response and now there saying the build will be 21st march.for me this is the last date I will accept I’ve had enough of the excuses now.ccm are brilliant at going to all the shows and getting folk to place deposits but after that they don’t give a shit about you.your left to wonder what kind of company you are actually dealing with and if you want answers you have to do all the running.there is no transparency with this company I have no idea when I will get my bike and my deposit has been in place nearly six months.some will wait forever but that’s not me.i had all the guarantees over the phone when ordering but it’s all smoke and mirrors and nothing is as you are told.good luck to anyone placing an order I hope you have a better experience than I’m having.i don’t care now wether it happens or not and that’s not how you should feel dealing with a motorcycle company.


    Nocca, what model is it that you were told the 21st March build was for ? I am curious as I just put my £500 first deposit down this week for what I believe is the last Six model of the 300. I was told it would likely be for early spring, but the remaining Bobbers were to be done before


    Haha.when I put my deposit down early September 21 billy said it was the last build slot.smoke and mirrors is another word for bullshit.my build is a spitfire six stealth but I’m on the brink of cancelling to be honest.


    Unfortunately today I’ve had to cancel my spitfire build.the waiting time has killed me off and is always subject to your circumstances changing.after six months waiting and no actual build date in writing my own circumstances have changed for the worse financially.hopefully I will get the chance to own a CCM in the future and I wish all members currently waiting all the best with their builds and circumstances.good luck chaps I’m out.best regards nocca


    Sorry to hear that Nocca. Here’s hoping that they get their act together sooner rather than later. Hopefully you will be in a position to get your hands on a CCM machine in the future


    Evening all – in an effort to let people know my journey and hopefully help to make CCM’s comms better here is the timeline of my order/build and thoughts on what could have maybe been done better?

    9th Aug 21 Order placed for Spitfire Bobber
    6th Dec 21 was promised as my build date slot, however when I spoke to the guys on the stand at the show in Birmingham on the 10th Dec 21, it had not been started and I think if I had not spoken to them I would not have been informed of this
    11th Jan 22 was informed that my bike was with the finishing team on the 12th Jan 21
    24th Jan 22 receive an email regarding registration and most customers waiting till the 22 plates (declined this)
    18th Feb 22 Took delivery of the bike

    Now, I appreciate that getting hold of parts has been (and is) challenging – I work in IT and we are still looking at 365+ day lead time on some items and I have not tried to run a business that builds awesome motorcycles, but here are a few things I think CCM could do better:

    * I always had to chase to get an update (other than once) – there should be some form of portal customers can log on to to see the progress of their bike
    * Give updates, even if its bad news, delays or nothing has changed – we like to know something is happening for our money
    * Be honest at the time of order that the usual lead time is 6 months (or more) – don’t sugar coat it – we are all grown-ups! (Ok, not really but you know what I mean)
    * Explain how the communication is going to work at the point of order so we know what to expect – and stick to it
    * Answer questions sent in emails, even if that answer is “I don’t know, let me get someone to get back to you” – and then make sure someone does get back

    When the bike did arrive all of the parts I had ordered were present and fitted and the general impression was Wow – she’s so pretty! The end product is amazing!

    Delivery and hand-over were great, arriving when advised and even calling 30 mins before getting to mine, lots of info on the bike and how to look after her and some good general bike chat too!

    Hope that helps some people – now I need some less stormy weather so I can enjoy riding the thing and get random people asking me questions!


    Just cancelled my £18000 spitfire! Delivery was due for March and found out yesterday that they have not even started the build.

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