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    As a person who is waiting on a Six build, I have no idea what security, if any comes with the bike ?
    Aside from the obvious steering lock, is there a default immobiliser (On top of the fob acting as one) ?
    Do CCM offer any tagging or trackers, as a cost extra ? I haven’t seen any on the accessories site so I am just trying to prepare myself for what extras I will need to invest in on the bike arrival.
    What do other owners recommend ?

    Foggy 1

    How do I recommend you get CCM to fit a tracker to your bike I had one fitted quite a lot of money but if it gets moved with the ignition off you get a phone call off the tracker people really good piece of mind


    Hi Foggy 1,

    Did CCM fit a tracker on your bike at build time, or did you get them to fix it when your bike was serviced ?
    I haven’t seen anything on their website regarding trackers, so I am assuming you had to get it separately and supply to them ?
    Do you know if there are any issues with getting it linked up with the fob ?

    martin G10

    Hi, Bob
    Doesn’t seem to be in the accessories anymore,
    CCM offered to fit the £299 unit (needs a subscription, site link below) at buil time , also not shown anymore is a lock and chain set , (steering lock just ticks the box at MSVA time). On security ,I read that you have go up to 16mm diameter shackles and chains to pass an industry 48″ bolt cutter test , most of the tests have a 5 minute time limit.
    regards Martin


    martin G10

    Hi, Bob
    There are other security solutions available !
    clicked on an advert today , uses a SIM card (so will need some sort of upkeep), lots of trackers about using SIM cards, this one looks to be a bit smarter (technically) and I like the proximity fob ,they claim it has a good battery life too.
    regards Martin

    Motorcycle anti-theft solution


    Hi Martin,
    Yes I’ve seen the monimoto one. No specialist fitting needed and cheaper.
    I was just being lazy and hoped CCM might be in a position to have everything in place for me from day one.
    I did send an email to them today enquiring about security options and fittings but haven’t heard anything back yet.
    I suppose at the end of the day it will come down to my finances as all the little extras are starting to top up !

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