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    Hi John, Thanks for getting back to me. Are you saying that if you don’t have a CCM bike you can’t see the service offers.
    Because even using the link you kindly sent doesn’t take me there.
    This is not easy and not doing yourself any favours……..


    Hi John
    Exactly – we don’t want to service non-CCM bikes.
    Have you tried this link? https://www.ccm-motorcycles.com/book-a-service/


    I’m Gary from Norfolk we have a gorgeous CCM Bobber in the garage alongside a Truimph Speed Triple R a 1975 Honda CB500 Street Tracker a Honda CBF500 and Honda CB200 project

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    Welcome Gary! You have a lovely selection of hardware there!
    What I love about the Bobber is how easy it is to hop on and ride and to put a smile on your face.
    It looks like the image you tried to add was too large – if you send it to via wetransfer I can see if I can add it for you


    Evening all,
    Thanks for having me here. I’m shown as an enthusiast but have my order in for a CCM Spitfire Blackout, No.47. It will be my first CCM, but far from my first bike. Had an NSU Quickly as a track bike as a kid, Honda SS50, CB125J (which I still have). CBR400, Yamaha FJ1200, Aprilia RSV1000 Tuono, SUZUKI GSF1250 Bandit GT. I’ve also ridden for the Police for 25 years, so all the BMW’s, Hondas (ST1300 was the best), demonstrators (various makes and models) and I also did their off roading (hence love of singles), DR350, DRZ400, WR450.
    Recently retired and the CCM is my retirement treat. I don’t tend to ride much in the UK but go abroad every year on the Bandit. I’m hoping the CCM will encourage me to ride more now in the UK (as I mainly rode here for work). Already have my factory visit booked and personalised number plate paid for. Happy days.

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    I have just acquired a 2019 model Spitfire FT, (#206/250). I collected it from the from the factory, yesterday.
    I am delighted to part of this club of CCM enthusiasts.
    My thanks go to Billy for facilitating the deal, and to John and Paul for helping in the hand-over of the bike over to me. I had the pleasure of getting to know the bike on my 250 mile return ride home to west London.
    The bike performed faultlessly, with impressive engine and chassis characteristics; my only grumbles include the firmness of the seat and the stray direction of the headlamp beam, which is raised too high. Any simple advice on the adjustment of the headlamp beam direction would be appreciated, I cannot see any reference to headlight adjustment in the Owner’s Manual.
    I would be keen to learn of other rider’s comments and thoughts on the FT.



    Hi, not long had my Spitfire and loving it… hadnt ridden for 25 years, so bit scary and exhilarating at the same time. What a bike to come back into it.
    Ive also been keeping it the house, not sure how long I’ll get away with it but luckily the misses likes it 😁.


    G’day from Herefordshire! I have the beautiful RAFBF! #25 Started riding when I was 21, rode full time for a couple of years, then an unfortunately large hiatus of about 26 years occurred. Glad to be back on two wheels now, and even more glad its the Bobber! I’ve done just over 1400 miles now. Loving it! I’ve added the smoke flyscreen which has added to the look quite nicely I think. I am currently thinking about the stage 1 engine map, and also doing something about the side stand. I find the bike is unnaturally vertical when sitting on the stand. Is there any mod I can do or are there any plans CCM have to do an accessory stand that solves this very uncomfortable feeling you get walking away from the bike (esp. when there’s a bit of wind about). I currently park the bike at home on an old bit of 4 x 1 which gets the angle over a bit better, but you look a bit stupid when out for a blat with an old plank strapped to your back!!! Esp. when pulling up at the local “Bikers cafe”. Any thoughts/modifacation advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Hello Kristian, CCM produced a modified side stand for the Bobber and should send you a kit if you ask. I have mine but haven’t yet fitted it. I’ll fit it this weekend and let you know if it improves the position as I too hate parking the bike up on anything other than a padlock stand.


    Thanks for the info Dixie. I wish you luck fitting the stand and yes please do let me know how it goes.


    Haha! Still smiling after an hour around our Somerset lanes, on my slightly used and reframed Scrambler delivered earlier today. New here to the forum and CCM ownership but several bikes and thousands of touring miles mainly in Europe and S Africa under my belt over the years, on road and track. Really looking forward to becoming familiar with this bike, a great stablemate to my GS. See some of you around perhaps.


    Welcome Cals! The GS maybe the greater long distance tourer but we reckon the CCMs have it won for smiles per mile 🙂


    Graeme from Kent here expecting to take delivery of a Blackout anytime soon, subject to the DVSA people showing up. Currently ride Triumph and Ducati Scramblers, and yep I know it’ll probably be more of the same, but it was black and very shiny and suspect it’ll certainly ride better than the Triumph, jurys out on the Duke, it’s a nice ride. It’s great to actually buy something made in the UK like we did as kids, shame the covid thing stretched the wait out 8 months, but it’s nearly over.


    A cliché I know, but it will be worth the wait. I’ve ridden the BO a few times and it never disappoints. Not too long now!


    Well an actual hard date would be nice, hopefully the DVSA people turned up today..

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