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    There is an optional extra offered, a Titanium header system which will add a slight performance increase to the bike. What does this header consist of, is it a billeted block attached to the head or is it extra pipe work. Is the additional cost worth the ‘slight’ performance and what is the slight performance. Or is it just an upgrade to secure the pipes into the head.


    Hi Ian
    The titanium headers are tubular and whilst there is no noticeable performance gain, there is considerable weight saving plus the added aesthetics of the colour signatures.
    I hope this helps.


    Thanks for the clarification



    I’ve heard that the Austin Racing Titanium System is no longer available.
    Ben sent email about different Titanium End Can,on Foggy Stealth
    Will titanium headers be available to go with the New Titanium End Can.
    Who will the manufacturer be.


    Both Foggy bikes will have titanium end cans as standard. The headers will be available in titanium as an optional extra and more details will follow soon.

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