Tank Strap Fitting

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    Hi, has anyone fitted a tank strap, is it easy?


    I have the same question regarding my Flat Tracker. I can see what to attach the front strap to but can’t see an obvious connection point for the rear strap. I would be delighted to get an answer. 🙂


    Hi Mikey,
    Been in contact with CCM and it seems that they sometimes forget to send the bolt to attach the back end of the tank strap to the underside of the tank. If you send them an email via the contact form on the main website they will post you the bolt and the instructions. Hope that helps. Received bolt yesterday and tank strap now fitted. took just 10 mins.
    Happy riding, keep safe.

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    martin G10

    I took a look at the instruction pdf , if anybody has ever put one hand under the tank and removed the fuel pipe from the pump please reply to this post ! There is probably a tool that will release the pipe from the pump housing, I’ve managed it by depressing one of the four flange retaining clips and rotating the insert so that the flange climbs over the other three and it pulls out , I think the reference to squeezing the sides to disconnect the pipe refferes to the “Bundy” connector at the throttle body end of the fuel pipe. Also lift the clip to disconnect the 5 pin electrical connector and remember the fuel pipe threads under the frame tube.
    regards martin

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    Andy Marsh

    I tried taking my tank off today, found it impossible to disconnect the fuel pipe from under the tank, so disconnect it at the other end, easy just push in white tabs, and pull pipe off just a little fuel leak from what’s left in the pipe,you don’t have to drain the tank

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