Tank replacement.

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    Whoever designed the placement of the holding down bolts must of been thinking owners to be gynecologists or, as we used to say, have tiffies fingers. What a pain! Worth noting though, impingement of the cable tray front edges wearing a groove in the tank underside. Caught in time and remedied hopefully.


    I know what you mean. The two domed head screws that hold the rear bracket on to the tank have both come loose! Thank goodness for long ball ended allen keys. The hex socket in the screw on the left is completely covered by a wiring loom and an oil pipe and the breather oil filter covers the one on the right. I must say however the guys at CCM were very helpful in providing workarounds. I believe the bracket is fitted to the tank before the tank is fitted to the frame hence the poor ergonomics hasn’t been spotted and loctite can’t be used because its breakout torque is greater than the breakout torque of the brass bush in the plastic tank.


    you can put Rubson to block the screw

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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