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    As the proud owner of my 70 plate Spitfire 6 Stealth which is currently mothballed with its trickle charger until spring, I wondered if anyone can assist??

    I realise that the exhaust does not have to comply with Euro exhaust noise levels due to its low production figures. However it does strike me, especially when riding through built up areas that the exhaust noise is loud and may be reason for the Police to stop me.

    If pulled over by the police (not uncommon in North Yorkshire), could I be fined for failing to meet noise levels as required by law, or is the bike exempt due to its low production level?

    Perhaps CCM COULD advise on my position should that situation occur.

    Many thanks…… Max

    martin G10

    Hi, Max
    The MSVA test has a noise limit that’s higher than a mass production bike (around 10db more)( also no abs and no cat for this engine design ) , so it is legal.
    regards Martin (a six owner)

    David 252

    I thought the same until I rode behind a Harley 114 – you do not a worry, I couldn’t hear my 6 at all.
    They sound loud until you have something to compare it to, like a KTM1290…Duke…Harley – get the picture, we’re right on top of it, from the side it’s just a nice plod-plod-plod old style.
    The only time police with take to you is “what is it” or “I’ve heard of these, but not seen one in the flesh”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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