Should I buy a Bobber?

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    Jes A

    Hi all

    Really itching to order a Bobber but have a couple of questions.

    First I’m 6’1”, is it going to be too small for me?

    My previous bike was an Aprilia Shiver 750 twin which I loved but looking for something more laid back that still has plenty of grunt. The lightness of the Bobber sounds great and handling is sporty by all accounts. Most of my riding will be short local bursts but I do want to ride to Le Nans again and occasional cross country trips. Is it going to get left behind on dual carriageway sections? – i.e. will it cope with 80 on the motorway ok even if it is exposed and noisey?

    Existing owners views would be appreciated




    I’ve got a Spitfire 6 and riding at 70mph on dual carriageways for any distance is not much fun. These bikes definitely prove themselves on B roads.


    Hi Jes
    The Bobbers are a great bike, probably the most comfortable ride of all the bikes but don’t let the laid back looks fool you as they are great fun to hustle on your favourite b-roads.
    We have a real mix of customers with these bikes from very petite females to big butch blokes!
    The CCM team are down at Moto Legends on Sunday 3 April if you want to sit on board and try for size. Guildford’s a schlep from you but it’s a bit nearer than Bolton!

    Jes A

    Well, took the plunge and paid my deposit last week. Hoping to get to the bike shed in May, are Ccm there?

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