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    How can the factory expect owners to pay over £1,000 upfront for the three year Service Pack, especially in the current economical climate? Surely a better idea would be to break it down into monthly direct debit payments, which would be much fairer and more manageable. I for one would sign up for this pack if this method was implemented. I certainly will not pay Over £1,000 for a services so far in the future. Also is this Service Pack transferable to a new owner? Would it be possible for Service Packs to be made available for lower mileage customers of up to 7,500 miles and also 2,000 miles? I am sure that these would be popular, again with a monthly payment in order to spread the costs.


    Thank you for your valued feedback, the service team will now work to find a solution for your suggestions – once we have had chance we will announce it on the CCM club.


    Hi John I do agree a monthly service plane would be great idea I would also definitely sign up for this, and I am sure the rest of us would also I for one do a lot of miles.

    May I also say orangeharley great idea however I have also read the other conversations you have been involved in especially the quality of CCMs parts and may I ask you are more polite and respectful in your all your dealings with us on this CCM platform to enjoy all that CCM are trying to do plasee,please do not turn this into the typical forum Key board hero chats IE who knows the most or whose got the biggest. No questions or difference in views are wrong.

    I will not replay so don’t bother.

    Ride safe enjoy.


    Hi CCM comrades. Waiting for my Foggy FT Stealth to come (Santa’s bringing it….. need a bigger stocking). I agree that the service package should be monthly payments then you will get more people signing up for it which encourages others to do the same. More money in your bank to spend on development and keeping the web site new and fresh. Still waiting for the latest finished images of my bike that I thought you said would come out last week. I still can’t see the different service packages on this web site. Please send the link and add it to your accessories page. Keep safe and keep riding. Q: what is your finance details, might be interested in one of your ‘Preauthorised’ bikes. Cheers John


    Hi John
    Sorry for the confusion – the images were of the changes to the Foggy S which Carl had for a little while. Its now back so we will shoot it this week and share.
    You can find the service packs here – on the LH margin there is a sub-menu – click the second button down “SERVICE TYPES” and all will be revealed!
    Would you like one of the team to prepare a finance illustration for you? HP or PCP?


    Hi John D, Many Thanks for the link, took me straight there on my laptop. However when I tried through my Samsung mobile and it didn’t take me to the same place.
    I like the service packages and will decide before I get my delivery of my FT Stealth sometime in December.
    Thanks again for giving me the link as I have just tried again to search for it on CCM site and can’t find it.
    Surely it should sit under ‘Accessories’ or on the front page.
    Keep riding safely.

    John B


    Hi @John Drogan,

    Did you guys get anywhere with arranging a service monthly plan?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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