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    Did anyone else take up CCM’s Service Pack & Extended Warranty when they purchased their bike? I took up this option on my new Spitfire 6 but despite continually chasing up the factory for a copy of the contract details I am still somewhat in the dark as to what was included. If anyone out their has a copy I’d really appreciate sight if it.

    Also, now that both Kathryn Baron and Phil Collier have left company has anyone else struggled with getting information out of the factory? I’d like to think I’d built up good relationship with them but sonce they’ve gone it’s got really difficult to get anyone response to my emails. It’s like Covid times all over again!

    Foggy 1

    Hello yes I’m afraid your right bit crap for after sales support some things you just have to sort things yourself I wanted some baffles for my foggy flat tracker I thought it was to feckin loud 📢 CCM where bit crap so I got random baffles for web and all good now but saying that service team and parts department all good I’m afraid once you brought your bike they don’t seem that bothered but on other hand you gotta love the spitfire I’m afraid I’ve been no help with your problems just went off on a rant all best just get out and ride 🤣⛽


    Hi Foggy1
    I’m sorry that we let you down in your hour of need.
    We generally get glowing reports about our aftersales support so it hurts even more when we see someone slip through the net.
    Jamie has recently joined us and he has a lifetime of motorcycle aftersales experience so you should see normal service has resumed
    I hope we can change your opinion next time.


    Let’s hope Jamie can pick up things quickly. Perhaps he can start by sending me the long awaited copy of the CCM Service Pack contract so I can see what I purchased 2 and half years ago!

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