Removing Fuel Tank

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    derek s


    I have to change the speedo on my Spitfire (faulty one supplied CCM sent me replacement free) and have had a go at it myself several times but there seems to be some sort of clip that I cannot work out how to do and therefore going to take it to a real mechanic. I am in France and not as simple as going to Bolton to get them to do it for me:)

    Does anybody have a script or YouTube video on how to do this please?


    martin G10

    Hi, Derek
    Be very careful , do not scratch the paint .
    CCM instructions and
    photos of my tank,
    helpful for a mechanic.

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    Hi Martin, thanks for the info and PDF for removing fuel tank. Got a flat battery on my Scrambler so need to get mine off and this is very usef. Got a bit stuck though, removed the overflow pipe and the fuel pump connector but having trouble getting the fuel pipe off. Is there any particular way you need to turn it? And I assume it is the tank end you need to remove? Just checking as there is a pic attached showing the fuel line still attached to the tank. I have actually managed to get the battery out with the tank lifted but it’ll be easier to reinstall with the tank off so I want to persist with it!!
    Thanks, Sean


    Ok, having read the instructions again, properly, and now pushed the white bit in as instructed, it pops off nicely!!


    Not sure what type of battery is fitted on my spitfire, as I know it was changed by the previous owner. Need to charge it but do not want to use the wrong charger. Any ideas how to correctly remove the tank?

    martin G10

    Hi, Markpotter
    have you not read the post, looked at attached CCM’s pdf or do you disagree with the removal method.
    regards martin

    Andy Marsh

    The two photos show the fuel pipe still attached to the tank, and disconnect from the fuel injector end.
    The PDF file is to remove the pipe at the fuel tank. I had the ccm mobile mechanic at mine to day servicing my bike.
    He showed me how to disconnect the pipe.
    First disconnect the over flow pipe, then the fuel pump plug, then start the engine and run until it runs out of fuel this lets off the pressure in the pipe.
    The next bit is hard, where the pipe plugs into the fitting you push the outer ring of the fitting in towards the bottom of the tank (it will only move about 2mm) till your fingers hurt, then pull the pipe out. It’s not easy.
    Ride safe

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