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    Bikers don’t need much of an excuse to go for a ride so here’s another to throw into the mix….

    We are planning to bring the team and some bikes to local biker meets to meet with you, our loyal CCM owners and hopefully, allow a few non-believers to see what they’ve been missing out on…

    We have spotted a place called The Spitfire Cafe at Biggin Hill which purports to be biker friendly and wondered if this would be a good place to assemble? Our aim is to get a few of you together and invite potential owners along for short test rides – you might like to invite your friends too!

    Let me know your thoughts


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    Great idea bit far away for us northerners, how about the same at Elvington or seaways cafe nr driffield.


    We are also looking at a meetup next month near to Milnthorpe in Cumbria – watch this space for ko9re information

    Colin One

    Hi John
    Where about near Milnthorpe are you planning next months meet?
    I live 2 minutes down the road from there.

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    Can I suggest Goodwood too a nice central South Coast location and the home of the Silver Spitfire and Boultbee Aviation with their Spitfire flights for sale?

    Also, there’s the Spitfire cafe at Popham near the A303 (former home of Charles Church’s Spitfires) good for bikes and bikers and with regular aircraft-related events.

    Sandown Airport on the Isle of Wight (the home of Airframe Assemblies whose main work is the reconstruction of Spitfires of various marks) has a great cafe/restaurant for anyone who wants a foreign trip one day…

    Not so Spitfire-related but the Army Air Corps museum just South of Andover has a great cafe next to an active airfield too. I suspect many of my trips will be to similar locations – but then I live within half a mile of Boscombe Down and every September 14th I get my own personal 20 minutes Spitfire flying display for BoB day (it’s my birthday and whatever you say the dislay is for me, you hear!).

    Finally, the Tuesday Evening events at Poole Quay are starting up again in the next few weeks I believe. I shall be there on the Cafe Racer one evening at least for sure.

    Biggin on the Bump is a little far from Wiltshire to be easy I’m sorry to say but if you have something a little more South central or in the South West then I shall be there.


    For details of the Poole Quay events, see here: https://www.pooletourism.com/whats-on/poole-dream-machines-start-of-2020-season-delayed-until-september-p2614743

    If you’ve not been and you can get there and back easily enough then they’re definitely worth a trip – when they restart in September – I have no idea how social distancing will impact on the usual atendance but it’s bike after bike on both sides of the Quay most Tuesdays.

    I shall go to the first and report back for others’ benefit.

    Cheers, Simon


    As you may have heard, we have new restrictions being imposed in the North of England and we are looking at how we can operate under these tighter controls.

    We will add any updates in the events section of Club CCM as they happen.

    Many thanks




    If you want to expose CCM to a mass of motorcycle nuts with minimal effort book a weekend break at West Bay, Dorset and watch bike after bike roll into town all day long.



    Pity the Box Hill event is cancelled – could’ve brought along the new GP600 ADV at the same time? – (If that is what it’s called).


    I was just down the road at Newlands on Saturday and whilst not many there my bike was drawing lots of (positive) attention


    @nabbott – Yep, last time I took mine up there I found the same. Fighting them off with a stick I was! Rarely do you see CCM’s out and about.
    Weather permitting (dry as poss.), I shall try to get to Newlands on Saturday 5th Sep. – around noonish.

    David 252

    I’m going to The Tea Hut in Epping Forest tomorrow, breakfast in a place where bikers in all forms go – families – horses – anyone, great food, great people.
    The roads are really good, so it’s a good ride too.
    Anyone want to join me?


    Sywell Airfield (Northampton)is worth a visit. Retro aviation themed hotel (The Aviator) on site open for visitors guests breakfast-coffee etc. Caroline Grace flies from there so opportunity to see Spit (very close up) turnaround taking passengers.Museum etc.


    Hi . What about CCM transporting our bikes to Europe ….Italy / Austria / Switzerland ..on shuttle lorries with two drivers (all insured ).

    Drop your beloved bike at your hotel … and off you go

    A mass squadron of spitfires on holiday 🙂👍


    I saw someone mentioning Duxford air museum
    I think it was spitfire base during the war
    Good place for CCM spitfires to meet up

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