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    Just been for a spin on my bobber and have noticed an oil leak that looks like its come out of the engine breather filter on the head. Above the oil feed pipe.
    Can’t seem to post a picture on here.


    Hi Mike
    Have you topped the oil up at all?
    How many miles have you done?
    If the oil level is high then this is quite normal to see oil here.

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    Hi John, thanks for replying mate. I had the first service a few months back. Probably only done about a hundred miles since. Haven’t topped it up since then. Done about forty miles on it today . Then noticed oil dripping down the engine case and dripping out the breather filter.


    Hello Mike, my bobber had a small oil leak similar to the one you describe, which I mentioned during the first service, and Ben re-positioned the breather so that oil accumulation in the breather dripped back into the engine instead of down the side and since then it has been dry.


    Cheers Dixie, the breather does seem a bit wobbly. I’ll try adjusting it and tightening it up. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.


    I’ve just encountered what I think is the same issue. Which one is the breather pipe so I can redirect as suggested? Also, should I be topping up the oil?

    Cheers, Kris.


    Morning all
    As the bikes do not have an enclosed airbox, any excess oil pressure is ejected straight out of the engine which can either result in a fine mist, or if slightly more oil is present, a drip down the engine case.
    The best way to check if you have an issue is to clean the engine of any oil, get the engine warm and switch off, then after a minute or so, hols the bike upright on a flat surface and check the oil level window.
    Te level must be no more than the upper notch and ideally sit between the upper and lower notches. If it drops below this level then you should top up.
    If it is below the bottom notch then top up immediately.
    Check this way regularly to ascertain if you are losing any oil.


    I have the same crankcase breather filter problem with my brand new bobber, can i ask what is the best oil to use for topping up if required?
    Cheers Mal.


    Hello Mal

    As previously mentioned it’s not a problem per se, it’s something that normally goes unseen.

    Only top up if the level is definitely low as overfilling will only compound the issue.

    CCM recommend using the following oils;

    For bikes still being run in (pre-first service) – Motul 10000 10w-40
    For bikes with over 500 miles (post first service) – Motul 7100 5w-30/40 100% synthetic


    Hi All,

    I’ve had a similar issue on my Flat Tracker and the oil fumes were leaving a residue on the rear shock spring.

    During the first service Ryan, the CCM technician, moved the filter to a more vertical position to ‘encourage’ the oil to drain from the breather back into the engine.

    However, as a further improvement, I have added a catch can/breather as shown in the attached pictures.

    Chrome doesn’t really suit the bike but it was the neatest catch can/breather I could find without getting something too big.

    The part is – Kuryakyn Breather Catch Tank – specifically made for Harley’s but, with a bit of modification to the bracket, it seems to fit quite well.

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    I have a brand new Bobber and the engine breather is located above the rocker cover and in an upright position, so it looks like CCM have relocated it. Maybe they will provide a kit for earlier bikes? Hope this helps?

    martin G10

    Hi, Roger
    The filter on the breather is the same on all the spitfire models, it’s limited on space and if it’s upright it reduces the amount of oil lost, the top of the piston is pulling air through a 45mm throttle body and pushing it out of the exhaust, the underneath of the piston is doing the same through a tiny breather tube.
    regards martin

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