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    Nick Tooley


    I picked up my Flat Tracker today having wanted one for a couple of years. I have 190 of 250, only 300 miles on the clock but I’m intending to make good use of it whilst the sun is shining. Is the Spitfire Cover and Good? And does the Paddock Stand come with all the accessories or do you need to buy extras to use it on a Flat Tracker?




    Welcome Nick
    The Paddock stand is made to fit the Spitfire range out of the box.
    As for the cover, they are a high quality item – are you looking at using it in or outdoors?

    Nick Tooley

    Thanks re the paddock stand

    The cover would be for storing by bike indoors in the garage?

    Any discount codes on offer?

    Kind regards



    Hi Nick no codes currently….
    The cover is perfect for indoors as its got a nice soft backing.
    I’ve never tested one in pouring rain so didn’t want to recommend it for pure outdoor use without seeing it for myself.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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