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    Just can´t imagine why there aren´t any 644DS owners active on the forum. I´ve owned mine since 2003. It´s been through a great many overhauls and I can´t imagine ever having to give up on it.I`ve also got a Flat Tracker (just for when I´m tinkering on the 644). The Spitfire is on my wish list, but I´m within the EU and would never be able to get it registered. Spares for my 644 aren´t a great problem and I expect it might well last longer´n me (I´ll be 85 this year).


    Yes not sure why….I guess many of them bought second hand so no direct relation with the brand


    Ive Had a yellow 644 DS since new in 2003 used for green lanes and super Moto on the road, been parked up for a couple of years, getting it back on the road this year, just need to sort the flooding carbs and service the front suspension


    Haines MC now supply spares for all models pre-2014 – enjoy riding it again this summer


    I’ve got a 644DS too. Only had it about four years, but I’ve still got it.


    Our workshop manager has one too… great bike


    Yeah, it’s a pity that the forum is quiet as regards the 644DS, but I suppose they are getting on for 20 years old now! There used to be a great 604 and 644 forum but sadly it shut down some years ago.

    Anyway, mine is another bought new in 2003. I was looking for a bike for green laning and after reading a ride report in a magazine I had to have one, in yellow. Did some green laning but found it a bit heavy in the nadgery stuff (due partly to my lack of skill) and so bought another bike and kept the CCM for road use with the super-moto wheels fitted. My bike is bog-standard, very low mileage and pretty much mint and not ridden when salt on the roads.

    Low mileage due to lack of time and having other bikes. Not used for a few years as wouldn’t run properly due probably to gummed up carbs. but looking to getting it sorted soon.



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