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    Peter B

    Where is the main fuse located. My bike’s electrics are totally dead, and the battery charger doesn’t register a connection to the bikes battery.


    Hi its under the seat. Which charger do you have?


    One thing I’ve noticed, if the battery charge falls too low some chargers don’t register it. If the charger covers 6v it will kick in and when back up switch to 12v etc. Alternatively connect an ‘old school’ charger, switch determined output, worked for me!


    IMPORTANT NOTE – The charger must Li-Ion specific or you may risk permanently damaging the battery


    As John has rightly pointed out, LiIon battery compatibility of the charger is very important. The ‘charge’ voltage should never exceed 15v. If not regulated older charges can and will ruin the battery.

    Peter B

    Hi John

    Thanks – I have checked all 3 fuses under the seat – all are OK.
    The charger is the Oxford Lithium x3 that CCM used to sell/recommend. It will not register a connection when plugged into the bike.

    Any suggestions?


    Hi Peter
    It could be that the battery voltage is dangerously low and the Oxford wont resuscitate a battery from such a state.
    We sell the Optimate Li-ion unit now that is known to bring batteries back from very low voltages.


    What a pity, had this been the other forum I get involved with, another British handbuilt great, the replies would be full of step by step guides to how to rectify the problem and dangers to look out for. There’s only one thing better than a lifetime of biking knowledge and that’s having access to a host of guys with additional lifetimes worth of biking knowledge. I suppose in this age of liabilities and can we milk this for some bucks, biking for bikers is getting to be a thing of the past. Gladly, as the other forum has shown, there’s a few of us left, “old school”!


    There’s a good chance it was not the main fuse but actually the Oxford optimiser 3x inline fuse to the positive terminal of the battery – if this has failed then your optimiser won’t register any voltage! If you remove the saddle you can check for voltage at the optimiser connector points by connecting a multimeter in continuity mode between the negative connection and any metalwork point and then the positive connection to the red lead that connects to the battery. The inline fuse is probably under the tank so you may have to undo the two tank retaining bolts and tilt the tank to follow the optimiser leads. The inline fuse is a mini blade fuse.


    Very true! (I´ve just done that). I use an Ion battery in my old CCM 644. It refused to start yeatreday and I attached it to by standard charger. Got a new battery …. and the coorect chatger.

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