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    Peter CCM

    Hi Gents,

    not too many Posts regarding the GP450 in here.
    I am wondering if the engine power is good enough to travel all packed up off road and how lasting the engine is?

    Thank´s for any useful Information to the GP450.




    Hi Peter
    Those that really understood the GP450 really love them. Some expected to get the same benefits of a GS with less weight and were disappointed.
    Its one of the rare motorcycles that excels on your favourite twisty B-road and on the gnarliest of goat track. It is so light you never have to worry about dropping it so you drop it less. And, when you do, they are so incredibly tough.
    They are all day comfortable, have a 20 litre tank capacity, and will cruise at 74mph – yes 74 is the sweet spot where its not too buzzy and you still have power to pull out to avoid joining traffic. Max speed is about 95 on standard gearing.
    There is one new model left in the UK with a former dealer, a couple in Poland and a few in Switzerland I believe and a few low =mileage ones knocking around on Autotrader.
    We still carry most spare parts in stock.
    Used prices are very attractive now too.

    Graeme Thow

    Hi John, hope you well, living my scrambler and candy cant wait for ccm to do another adventure bike like the GP…I know it may be a few years away, so I’m also interested in a good GP450, do you know if the new one with a former dealer is still available..would love one with the WP suspension if any still around..cheers Graeme Thow…


    Hi all,

    I have a GP450 but both rubber fuel lines have burnt through and I’m really struggling to replace them. Any idea where I might be able to source spares, or find someone who can make me bespoke replacements?

    Many thanks


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