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    Doug Ritchie

    Hello all,

    I just thought I would share my recent experience with my Bobber.

    bike is 3 years old. Unfortunatly due to covid and too many health issues it has not seen a lot of use (1500 miles) and had sat in my living room since August 22. The battery was maintained with the correct lithium charger.

    I went to take it for the first MOT last week and the bike would not turn on with the fob. I tried the red master fob and this also had no affect.

    Checked the battery and was fine (13.2V)

    Didnt have a great deal of luck getting a hold of anyone at CCM to obtain advice or a wiring diagram. left messages on two consecutive days.

    Being technically capable I decided to investigate. I was able to obtain a wiring diagram for the mlock unit that is used by CCM for the keyless ingition. This is made by motogadget and their web site has all the details.

    With the seat and tank removed I was able to figure out the wiring system and was able to eliminate fuses and power issues and establish the the key fob reciever was dead.

    A very nice chap from CCM did eventually call me but advised that they dont have a wiring diagram availible. He said they have the RFID reciever kits availible and would be around £200 suppply only (more if mobile tech comes and fits)

    At this point I had already explored replacment options. It would appear that motogadget have discontinued the RFID mlock kit – as I could not find any in stock with the approved suppliers. What I did find however is that they have replaced the RFID sensor with a NFC device. The decive functions the same but the technology is different.

    Unfortunatly the new version of the reciever looks to have a different mounting interface although the actual reciever appears to match in size. I will post some pictures once recieved and see how fitting goes.

    I found the kit for around £130 and RRP seems to be £150

    As a side note… once I had established how this system works it is staggeringly easy to bypass it, certainly on the bobber with reciever under the seat. Although I suppose if you compare it to some scrote hammering a screwdriver into the ignition barrel it still has its merits :O)

    hopefully this assists anyone who has key fob failure in the future.

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