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    Hi all, just got my new Bobber home, drove up from Kent Thursday night to pick it up Friday morning. I am so happy with it. I tinkered with it today (Saturday), just the last few things i want to do.

    Glad to be part of the gang, hopefully i will get to meet some fellow CCM riders over the next few years.

    Best wishes



    HI James

    I’ve just collected my Blackout and also live in Kent (T.Wells area).

    Where are you based? Would be keen to meet up for a ride.



    Good morning John, thanks for the message, I live at Holborough Lakes which is between Maidstone and Rochester, so not too far. I have a Bobber and always up for a ride, I was actually out yesterday. Maybe schedule a meet up (weather dependent), my mobile number is 07590184336, just drop me a text and we can plan something.




    Hi Guys,
    I am waiting on the latest Six build, so hopefully will have one by End of May. I am in the Tonbridge area.
    John, can I ask you if you bought your blackout directly from CCM ? If so, how did you get your bike – did you get it delivered ? I am trying to find best delivery options as CCM charge £1.50 a mile meaning it would cost about £400 ! I have had Lee Costello recommended as a collection but haven’t seen how much he charges. Would be interested to know if you used any collection service and what your experience was.


    I’ll drop you a text Jason to arrange a meet up. I rode the blackout for the first time on Saturday and a managed to get in nearly 100 miles. It’s LOUD!!! 🙂

    – I did buy the Blackout directly from CCM. I collected it directly from the factory as I was keen to meet the team and see where the bikes are assembled. I have a single Dave Cooper bike trailer that disassembles down into boot size that you’re more than welcome to borrow if you end up collecting it yourself? I’m based in Horsmonden so not far from Tonbridge.


    Thanks for the offer John but i’ll have to pass. I don’t have a tow bar and to be honest, the thought of doing a 500 mile round trip doesn’t appeal to me and would probably kill off my knee ! 🙂
    I’ll give you and Jas a shout when I am fortunate enough to get the Six.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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