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    Can anyone recommend an insurance company that gives good prices for CCM motorbikes, or is it the usual faff of online quotes/phone calls !!

    Only asking as delivery day for my Foggy S gets nearer.


    David 252

    Mackenzie and Hodgson, easy and understands what CCM make.


    Thanks, will have a look.


    Also check out “Motorcycle Direct”


    Hi CCM riders, I am due a Foggy FT spitfire ‘Stealth’ and wanted to get an idea of the insurance for when it arrives in December (Santa’s bringing it…. need to widen the chimney….). But when I rang ‘Bike sure’ which Foggy is also an Ambassador they didn’t have it on there list. May be CCM should be sharing the details of all of their models with these insurance web sites well in advance …..Just saying……and if Foggy is an Ambassador then can we get discount … and being a MAG member as well.


    Try Bennetts. Not had a road bike for a while. With 1 year NCB £227 for the year fully comp, kept in a garage. Was cheaper through Go Compare rather than than the auto renewal with Bennetts


    Mackenzie Hodgson take a very long time to answer the phone I called before 2.30 today and it took 16 mins for them to answer and then was told they couldn’t complete a quote before 3pm when I had a meeting. They can try to call back but they are told to take any incoming calls before fulfilling promised any call backs.
    Advice was to call after 4pm as its a bit quieter! So seems I need to set aside an hour of my time allowing for delay in answering the phone. Why not use the online form? the form is not completely clear and is asking for information they have told me they don’t need so its a chocolate teapot.


    I found Mackenzie Hodge to be nearly twice as expensive. I used comarethemarket and got a far better quote from Bennetts, which I took.


    I have had a similar experience with MH. Upon purchasing my bike and my first year of insurance wef 01/04/2021 the premium was £238.34. For the subsequent period, i.e. wef 01/04/2022 MH’s quote was £354.23, (a 48% increase). MH did not offer any credible reason to justify such an increase. I am now insured with Lexham with a premium of £218.20.


    Called MH to arrange Maverick Infinity Insurance and was told I would need to list all the differences between a Spitfire and mine so they could decide on loading, my response was I thought you guys were supposed to understand the product, as it seems you don’t I will go elsewhere seems all the guff on website is marketing rubbish. Found another company that was more responsive.


    Bikesure are doing my Maverick, just persevere with them, they’ll take a web link of a copy of your order and get it underwritten. Mine was £200


    Hi Steve, who did you insure the Infinity with? Hi Louis, is your bike an Infinity? I’m struggling to find sub £400 for my infinity, and that’s after several said ok to a Maverick but wouldn’t cover an Infinity I pay approx £120 for my Yamaha MT09 SP and £80 for a trials bike, any recommendations would be appreciated, Mike.


    Hi Mike, mine isn’t an infinity, but I have listed all the ad-ons so th full value is covered.


    Thanks Louis.


    Just an update Mike,

    My bike was delivered this week, I went on a comparison site and Bennett’s came up with a lower premium, I sent Bikesure a screenshot of that and a copy of the invoice from CCM. So everything is covered (bar the delivery charge), with the actual value for a very reasonable price. I put it in a fresh policy without using my no claims as the Maverick is predominantly for my wife (she hasn’t got a full licence yet), so will add her to that policy when she gets her licence.

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