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    I have tried to insure my new Blackout online but the dropdown choices of CCM models does not include the Blackout.
    Does anyone know the best company to insure with?

    David 252

    Try Mackenzie and Hodgson, they know CCM’s


    I tried Mckenzie/Hodgson…………… overpriced by a large amount !!
    Ended up calling Bennetts, very helpful and excellent price for my very specked up foggy s.


    Insurance is a black art and will vary for every customer. HM do tend to offer great value but glad you found a good quote all the same.


    I have tried to insure a Blackout. Online no company I’ve tried has the blackout listed, even tried MCN who use many insurers but it didn’t come up. I rang Bennett’s as my other bike is with them, they said, if the model isn’t listed with them as a model they cannot help. The reg was recognised everywhere but the model to select wasn’t there. Can Anyone suggest where I might try.

    martin G10

    Hi, just been searching for second year insurance on my six , perchased my first years on a comparison site and ended up with a policy that didn’t cover the accessories I’d included , so be careful , this year I’m dealing directly with Bennett’s , on the site along with the registration search there was a manual input choice or who updates they’re lists of models !
    regards martin


    Devitt are perfect with insurance process


    I have just been through the painful process of trying to find insurance for my high spec Blackout. Here’s an extract from an email I wrote to Jack, to which I am waiting a response.

    “Firstly, as mentioned below, the Blackout does not appear in the insurance database for bikes. This meant that there were insurance companies like Swinton who basically said “you’re not on the list, you can’t come in.” They did not refer to underwriters. For other companies there was a referral to underwriters and in one instance me talking someone through your website show the bike and what it was like. This meant a protracted process. I see from the Facebook CCM Spitfire Owners group that some people have been casual and insured their bike as a Spitfire, that is what it says on the log book. When I mentioned that to one company as a solution, after they had gone to your site and seen that there is actually a model called a Spitfire I was advised that as the Spitfire was a bike in it’s own right, insuring a Blackout as a Spitfire would render the insurance void. I have no idea of the process of getting a bike to appear “on the list” but you would be doing your Blackout owners a great service by so doing.”

    The fact that I was getting referred to underwriters had them nickle and diming every factory fitted item, in one case wanting to know what the Legend package consisted of. The usual approach of insurance companies is that if it is factory fitted when bought new it is part of the bike. Not so for me in all but one case.

    It would really be a good thing for us Blackout owners if CCM would get the bike entered into the insurance database. In the words of our lord JC (of Top Gear not bible fame), “How hard can it be?”

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