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    Mick W

    I’ve just bought a one owner flat tracker with less than 400 miles on the clock,and it’s a total work of art 😊


    Hi Mick,

    Yes they are a work of art, I have just had a Maverick delivered and started to enjoy it, between rain storms. If you interested in riding out let me know, I’m in Woking



    Hi Paul and Mick,
    How are you getting on with your Maverick and flat tracker?
    I’ve recently bought a second hand Blackout and will be available for ride outs when the weather gets more appealing (I’m also busy until early March).
    PleaseCopy me in on any emails ref rides; I’m itching to get out on mine!
    Ps, I’m seriously thinking of having my seat covered in distressed tan leather; I’ve asked for waterproof, but is it realistic? How does your maverick seat get on in the wet?


    I got absolutely soaked a while ago as did the seat. It was not happy! Smelt like old horse tackle and was very, very soggy. Took it off and dried it out indoors. Scotchguarded it for what’s worth. I’m now looking to out for an elasticated pvc cover to keep in my back pack.
    North London; always looking for a reason to go somewhere – anywhere!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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