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    Hello all
    I am currently in the market for a used Spitfire. My preference is for a FT or CR. Im looking for something really “mint”!
    And so I have a few questions for the forum if I may. Are the clear framed bikes a no no with regards to the rust issues, particularly as bikes I am looking at will all be outside of any warranty? What is the comfort like on the CR with the standard bars? Is it worth looking for one with the flat bar conversion? Also, as I am looking for one that is really special (to be fair most seem to be good due to the nature of the bike and the owners it attracts), a lot have REALLY low mileage which is great but does make me wonder whether its worth finding one that has been used a little as I am aiming to use it fairly regularly and wonder how healthy it is for the bike just to sit in a garage for months on end?
    Sorry for the waffling but don’t want to get one that becomes a thorn in my side! Any help/comments really appreciated.
    Kind regards

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