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    Hi, I’m new to the forum and eagerly awaiting my new Maverick. I have been riding motorbikes from the age of twelve and passed my test as soon as I could, “seems like yesterday”, but infact that was 46 years ago. I have chosen the Maverick because it reminds me so much of my early days of motorbiking. The next couple of weeks won’t go quick, especially, as two of my friends have rushed out and bought there own CCM’s and beaten me to ownership.
    Regards Gerry.


    Hi Gerry,
    Any closer to getting your Maverick?
    I’ve been told end of the month for mine. Been waiting just over a year!


    Hi Tim, I ordered mine in March this year and was told it might be with me by July, which was very exciting as I had a motorbiking holiday planned. But I’m sad to say it still hasn’t arrived. They are now saying mid October, so I’m waiting in anticipation. Its been such a great year weather wise, so that has made the wait seem twice as long.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we both won’t be waiting much longer.


    Afternoon All,

    Louis From Norfolk, like most of you, I started riding bikes shortly after learning to walk, Maverick on order, balance requested and paid today, so thinking I’ll see it very soon. I chose it as it’s the closest thing we can buy today to my first brand new bike (a Yamaha XT), no gizmo’s, no gadgets, just one cylinder and very little weight, I can’t wait, just hope we have some good weather into the dark evenings.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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