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    Hi guys,

    I’m currently living in Devon and have been riding bikes for many years. My last bike was a Triumph Scrambler which I sold just before heading off on a round the world trip.

    I returned to the UK just before the first lockdown and am only now looking at getting another bike. I was planning to buy another Triumph Scrambler but then my friend sent me a link to a CCM scrambler which I loved the moment I saw it. Since then I’ve been intrigued by these bikes, the history of the brand and particularly the scramblers.

    I went to have a look at a blackout edition in a local dealer. It was a stunning bike! I prefer the silver “infinity” version with the brown leather seat but to get a feel for the bike I figured a blackout edition would do the trick. I sat on it and loved the reduced weight, but it felt uncomfortable at the edges around the top of my thighs.

    I didn’t get to test ride the bike, but now I’m in two minds. The Triumph was always very comfortable to ride but the CCM looks like it would be more agile and fun, better off road and more unique.

    So my question is, has anyone else found the CCM scramblers uncomfortable, is there a fix, or a particular model I should try? I don’t mind if it’s a second hand Spitfire Scrambler or the brand new Maverick.

    I really want my next bike to be a CCM so hoping to get some advice from other owners on this.




    Hi, I have the Scrambler and have to say i’m extremly pleased with it. Possibly my favorite bike and i’ve owned a lot of bikes.
    Comfort wise its good. Depends what your looking to do but i’m just doing a couple of hours here and there. Long distance may show up something else.
    Suspension is very firm, i’ve backed mine right off and its much better, but still firm. Fine for A & B roads, not sure off road ?
    Only other comfort changes i made was to loose the leather grips. They look great but lose a little friction which meant sore hands after a while, put on slightly higher bars and moved them to the rear position on the yoke.


    Thanks for the reply, great to hear you’re loving your scrambler!

    I wonder if it will be like breaking in a new pair of trainers for me.

    I should probably take one out for a test ride. 🙂


    Hi Gareth

    Might be worth having a read of Mark’s long ride from Cornwall to Caithness on a Maverick


    Good luck with whatever you decide upon.



    Many thanks John, reading that now – sounds promising!!

    I’ve never had a bike that is so comfortable over long distance and because it’s sooo light, manoeuvring it around is a breeze.

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