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    Hi All,
    Thought I had better introduce myself and give a little of my background.
    Last week I visited the factory and did the deal on the stunning new Blackout. Can’t wait for March, as it really is a thing of beauty.
    My backgraound, is that I’ve been riding since 16 years of age and had too many bikes to count (stopped counting at 50, and that was over 12 years ago!).
    I’ve never been without a bike in all that time and my bikes have varied from non runners bought for a few quid, to new machines to classics I’ve restorred.
    I had a CCM quite a few years ago (with the 600cc Rotax engine) that was quite a fun bike.
    More recently my tendancy has been towards larger bikes that do it all (1200 Explorer, 1200 Scrambler XE, 1290 Super Adventure S etc.).
    The CCM is just so basic (in the best possible way), that it gets back to the things that matter, engine, frame, wheels. No gizmo’s no lean sensetive this or riding mode that.
    Takes me back to the CB250RS Honda that I has at 17 years old.
    Love the fact that it’s built in the UK, and is just such a beautiful thing.
    I live in Dorset so give us a wave if you see me out and about in the spring on the Blackout.
    All the best, ride safe

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