Has the pandemic changed your riding habits?

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    Bikers are definitely getting back out on the road (cold, wet weather permitting!) however with public toilets closed and the usual cafes/ pubs etc restricted to takeaway only, has this changed where and when you ride and for how long?

    Are you getting out on your bike as much as you’d like? Maybe you’re furloughed so you have more time to enjoy getting out on two wheels.

    You might be nervous of going to biker meeting spots due an increased risk of infection but do you feel safe on your bike riding solo?

    It’d be great to hear how this unusual period has changed the way we live our lives on two wheels.

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    Now things are opening up I will be out more. Audi drivers are paying even less attention than before so Think for them.
    I wish people took it more seriously, a mask inside public places is not political statement or being soft, it is respectful of others and a intelligence test.
    Respect others and we will be free faster. Buying British will help too. Keep it up CCM.


    Wise words Peter… stay safe and enjoy the ride 🙂


    Upside is that there´s more space on the roads. Downside – car drivers are even dozier than usual (must be having to use a mask).



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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