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    Hi Just wondering if anyone has fitted handlebar risers, I would like to raise the bars a little just to refine the riding position a little
    Rgds steve

    Andy Marsh

    I dont know about risers, but if you look at top yoke the bar clamps can be repositioned to move the bars back


    Hi,i looked at the same with my Scrambler but eventually went with slightly higher bars as it looked neater. Went for renthal 609 bend which i think is the same as the flat tracker. Also check which position the clamps are on the top yoke. There is a forward and rear fixing, the rear brings the bars an inch or so closer to you


    Thanks, I will take a look at the position, have ordered black aluminum risers from Bikermart they apparently raise the bars an inch so will take a look when they get here.


    Trying to move the handlebars forward onto the front position.
    Handlebars came off OK but, boy oh boy, the bolts on the yoke are on frigging tight! My allen key’s going to snap for sure. Goodness knows what the torque setting was when they went in.
    Off to Screwfix for an allen key socket set and another attempt with more leverage.


    So I took the plunge (or is that rise)
    Ordered MTE066-7 Motone Customs Handlebar Riser Inserts for One Inch Bars £35.95 + VAT from Bikermart on Thursday arrived today
    Fitted with no issue the supplied bolts were same thread and had the extra length needed, so bars now 1 inch higher.
    Ascetically not ideal as you can see from photos but solid and it does make a difference.
    Trying them in this position I think I could move them closer in the future if wanted.
    Overall happy with the result.

    Please ignore looking at pics there is a problem with this

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    So correction to the previous post, in my desire to get black anodized risers the first ones were the wrong size hence deleting the previous message so now I ordered and got ones that fit (see pic below) from Bikermart.
    Fitted no problem and does the job.

    Looking at pics the product info is rather small so it says BARRIS02 Bike it Aluminum CNC 30mm Bar Riser 28.6mm Bar Fitment

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    Thanks for this info Steve. Just ordered some myself.

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