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    Picked up the wee beastie this morning and well, what a blast. And i don’t mean the noise from the exhausts (which is more like a volcanic eruption tbh). Fabulous ride home with lots of smiles from me, from little old men and little old ladies In various towns, thumbs up from little children in cars (more to do with the ‘Paso’ helmet I suspect) and one chap who flagged me down to ask me “what is it…?”. Lovely, a proper bike and good for the ego too. Only disappointment, if i am honest, is that having grown up in Motorcycling from the mid-1980s when everyone on two-wheels acknowledged each other (irrespective of cc) I was almost entirely ignored by the other bikes I saw out today. I’ll put it down to envy.


    Welcome Simon!
    Great to hear your bike is a hit with all but the bikers going in the opposite direction…. it always used to be Harley riders that failed to nod back.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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