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    Received bike a few days before out on assignment June 2021 and have just only crack open her throttle…….This is my style of ride(spitfire bobber beforea) and the pavement pounding and position of ride in every curve is right up my junction. So 49 miles later waiting to hit the road again and this is in the plan.
    Wondering what’s other think of seat to tank area and damage from riding up onto the tank occasionally…as after my ride the tank had some scuffs from my jeans….TANK PROTECTION NEED or am I way off? Also how confident are you with the suicide kickstand with parking up and leaving in a public area? I am dubious. Did the rest of you get a shock wrench/spanner as I did not have one in my package for the YSS shock.
    Still awaiting three items to be sorted with warrantee but think CCM is wanting to wait for the first service to be done……which I get but do not jive with. Anyway fellow gearheads lets ride on and clock up some joy before the roar of the road become the hum of the sewing machines…


    I took delivery of mine about the same time. I was delayed in using it due to the registration process. Once that was complete i did manage a few miles, only to have a speedo complete fail. Screen was blank. That was replaced. The stand is a pain in the arse, especially for me being short because if im on the wrong side of the bike, it can be difficult for me to get over the stand side.

    I find the ride very harsh, wouldn’t want to ride it for more than a couple of hours. This might improve as i use it but its hard going. Im having issues with a couple of other items also but thats down to my preference.

    Ive probably done no more than 100 miles, but went to use it over the weekend and the speedo has failed just as before. About to try and speak to CCM today.

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