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    Hi all. Anyone experienced this yet? Whilst working away OS, had the Missus starting and idling my RAFBF every 2 weeks to keep battery charged (haven’t got round to getting a battery conditioner yet). On about the 6th idling session, she found the bike had fallen over, onto its right side?!? – the non stand side. It’s parked on flat, level ground in my fully enclosed workshop whilst away. Lucky for me it’s parked next to an old couch which “caught” the bike and saved me from an insurance claim, but this is besides the point. I have read about the side stand issues and the lack of an adequate solution in past posts, and quite frankly this is sodding ridiculous!!! A bike falling over off of its stand on a level surface with no wind? On the opposite side to the stand as well??? I want my money back!!! £18000 I spent on this machine and I can’t sleep at night worrying if some passing squirrel might fart in the bikes general direction and blow it over. What are you going to do about this CCM????
    This also makes this make of bike, and in particular this model (RAFBF) an absolute fail in terms of it’s investment value/resale value. Which I’m sure a lot of buyers had/might have in mind before purchasing. And before you start the finger pointing, yes the bike was parked correctly, with the stand deployed to its full reach, and adequate tuition provided to ensure said stand position was maintained during the course of my last OS rota.

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