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    Hi guys, just thought that you would ensure that all previous orders were completed and delivered before you start to release the Blackout to customers.
    Having waited nearly 17 months for my Foggy s ( and paid in full and told it would be in the first build batch ) I am feeling quite miffed that it still hasn’t arrived, yet and you are showing on social media the Blackout now being ready for their customers.
    Now I am fully aware that the world is a different place and last year, covid affected supplies, so maybe some sort of gesture from you guys as a thank you / apology would be really appreciated.
    Peter Proud


    Hi Peter did you get a response from CCM about delay as I’ve ordered a stealth bobber and was told build start date would be beginning of May I made a call the other day now being told middle of June early July because of the black out but if things change again looks like the riding season will be over and want it for the summer and can’t get an exact build time not what I planned for .


    Hi Neil
    I was contacted by Craig and told that delivery was imminent.
    Paul from the delivery team called last week to arrange delivery on 20/04.
    Now all I am waiting for is the DVLA to register it, called them and they have not processed the application yet ( and they have been on strike 🤬🤬 ).
    I keep checking online every couple of hours in hope but alas, it looks like all I will be doing is sitting looking at the “beastie”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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