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    martin G10

    Hi, everyone
    My Six is one year old at the end of August and has covered 1007 miles , with its birthday coming up I decided to pamper it , a serious clean with the seat and tank off and its second oil and filter change (first was at 504 by a very impressive mobile tech Stewart), if you look at the spitfire specs, oil capacity states 1.8 lts . when I emptied the oil I wondered where it had all gone , refilling the oil I managed to fit 800mls in a jug, after poring in about 600mls I spilt a drop so stopped for a clean up, I then decided more oil had gone In than had come out and was safe to start the engine, I let it tick over for about a minute then switched off and waited for the oil to settle , to my surprise it was at middle between the marks!
    So 600mls of oil with a filter change,
    comments anyone and not on the fact that I like to change oil around max 1500mls and or twice a year , at the end of summer and the end of winter .
    regards martin

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