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    Does anyone know what is going on with CCM finance? I had to cancel my order because they did not build the bike when they said they would. They agreed to refund my deposit. But nothing! Can’t even get a reply. Is CCM going under??????


    Bloody hell, I hope not as I have one on order. Are they not answering phones ?
    Throughout the proposed build have they given you any explanation for the delays ?
    Keen to know what happened as I am desperate to get mine for the summer as I have been without a bike for a couple of years and don’t want to go down the route of getting another bike for the peak season


    Hi Richard(Raw72),
    Just realised that I spoke to you previously on another thread.
    I don’t think that CCM run the finance, I think it’s a 3rd party, but could be wrong.
    Hope everything gets sorted for you.

    martin G10

    Hi, Bob and Richard,
    I ordered a Six the end Aug and paid in full SEP. 2019 , it was a long time before Six’s went into production, CCM isn’t a big company churning out thousands of bikes to fill show rooms and get discounted at the end of the year ready for next year’s colours , when I was waiting the finishing department was completing 3 bikes a day , about the same as you’ll find in the back of the delivery van , then there was COVID , parts shortages and a factory full of Bikes with nobody to MSVA them , I’ve had my Six since Sep 2020 , it’s (very) impractical , loud and I don’t ride it on wet roads , too much cleaning , also minimul mudguards so you end up looking as if you’ve been off roading , I can’t be bothered to ride anything else , still draws a crowd and if bikers in my age group mention they wouldn’t mind something a bit lighter I let them sit on it to see what they think , I don’t hand over the fob much !
    If you have a sensible conversation with the person who sold you the bike you’ll probably get a sensible answer on the build date , I think I can remember the contract says they ask for a payment and final specifications 1 month before the build .
    regards martin


    Hi Martin, thanks but I was already given a build date and an expected delivery time! Both obviously have passed and I have since cancelled my order. My issue is I have an emailed promise of a return of my deposit and nothing has been forthcoming! Luckily I paid with Mastercard and they are now taking steps to get the deposit returned! This is not the actions of a well managed, financially balanced company so my question stands, is CCM on the way under? A lot of people are not get motorbikes and when it falls through not getting their money back either!

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